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Our Culture

Our Culture

At LifeMix, we believe in creating an environment that isn't a "We Are Family" feel, but rather "We Are A High-Performance Team". We focus on building creative high-quality products that Minds around the world will interact with. Every product is designed, architected, engineered, released, marketed, and scaled with our own families, friends, and colleagues in Mind before it ever hits our user's devices.

LifeMix was built & founded by a team of four teens with different backgrounds from around the world, two of whom were born & raised in the United States, one being born and raised in India, and one born in China but raised in the United States. Having a founding team with different backgrounds and perspectives allowed us to build an exquisite unique product. As we grow our team we are focusing on scaling this approach while hiring designers, engineers, marketing, IT, finance, executives, and more.

Our Standards

Our Standards

Our standards are high and they're what we believe in and stand for.

Give Minds Their Power Back 

Minds deserve to be open and free, we have no right to take power away as we are not a government or spiritual power.

Privacy Is Our Priority 

Our community of Minds deserves the right to privacy, they make us what we are, let's make their safety and privacy not a task but rather a priority.

Healthy Minds = Healthy Society

We have a platform that can benefit society by being a safe and healthy place where Minds can come to socialize and feel better about life - making society better.

Love Life, Live Life, Enjoy Life

Life is beautiful, we should be doing everything we can to promote loving life, living life, and most importantly enjoying life for not only our community but our team.

Let's Change The Universe Together

Most importantly, not only is our team on a mission, but society as a whole. Together we should be putting our Minds together to change the universe for the better for generations to come - despite our beautiful unique differences.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Matthew Wiggins

Founder and Mission Leader

Orlando, FL, United States


Warren Snipes

Co-Founder and Technology Leader

Orlando, FL, United States


Raajeev Chandran

Co-Founder and Front-End Specialists

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Daniel Liao

Co-Founder and Back-End Specialists

Orlando, FL, United States

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