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Invest In OpenMind

Join us on our journey to reimagining social life for billions of Minds around the world

Invest In Seed Round
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Please leave your contact details. Our team will reach out to you. We are excited to start the conversation.

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Invest in LifeMix

Every vision has a team with passion and commitment that drives it to reality, funding boosts it. Our team and its investors at LifeMix are focused on reimagining the current generation of social technology while building the next gen not on digital devices but throughout our reality. 

-------- US accredited investors only
-------- EU, UK, Swiss, and Norweigan investors
-------- Starting from $100,000 / €95.000 for preferred stock
-------- Seed Round | Focus - Launch/Scaling A Defensible Product Globally
-------- Total Seed Funding Goal $2,500,000

Build with us. Leave your contact details via our interest form and our Investor Relations team will contact you.

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